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Language is expression and expressions forms part of our day-to-day activities. Typically, our local dialect today has huge inspirations urging people to be up and doing, persevere and be successful.

?Chale Wote?, is a local jargon which literally means ?rise up and let?s go?. This great expression, widely used also to describe locally made slippers has been artistically used in the newest afropolitan tune by Kojo Osew.

The ?Chale Wote? track is a well-crafted masterpiece to highlight moving forward in life despite the shortcomings and challenges. In a flawless combination of danceable beats and inspiring words, this tune explores all emotional intelligence in dealing with problems of life. Its groovy yet urban flow settles the listener and encourages making the very best out of every situation.

Kojo Osew, whose soothing and sensational voice usually likened to that of the American jazz/soul singer Aaron Neville has carved a niche for himself as one of Africa?s finest. His unique style and development after the maiden edition of MTN Project Fame has made him to be admired by deep music lovers. This is a new single he has released to inspire the current generation not to give up on their dreams and goals. The song is best described a positive dose for everybody. It was neatly produced by Peewezel of Cue Studios.


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