The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) President ?Of Koforidua Polytechnic,?Michael Tigawuti-Wedaga has indicated that the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) and the Ghana water company have totally incoherent their service to their?institution of which bestowing to them, the school be indebted a sum which they (ECG) have refused to tell the general public.

wpid-ecgb.jpgAccording to him, the school is now forced to use its small internally Generated Fund to buy fuel to power part of the school to make teaching and learning effective in this fundamental time facing.

This he stated in a press release issued and copied to He asked, “Does the President seek the attentiveness of the conventional person under him?
Does the president worth our education section in his government?
Does the country have better future under this president whiles the good image of the education sector is rundowns under his watch?”

The allowances for Training colleges, he indicated, has been a fracas, scholarship for student to study abroad is now in one?s pocket and now student are to pay utility bill persuasively.

“Student find it difficult to study at night and those living around the campus don?t feel safe due to attacks that some have face before from the hand of unknown people.”

They are appealing to the government to pay the utility bill to avert the closing down of the institution else “we shall be forced to express our displeasure through peaceful demonstration.”


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