The management of the Koforidua Regional Hospital is to engage the services of a sign language interpreter to enable the hospital to better interact with patients with hearing impairment who visit the hospital.HOSPITAL WARD

This is in line with the objective of the hospital for 2015 to ensure that, all clients of the hospital are received as very important personalities (VIP).

This was disclosed by the Medical Director of the Hospital, Dr Kwame Anim Boamah at a media briefing after the 2014 annual review meeting of the hospital at Koforidua.

He explained that, currently, educated patients with hearing impairment communicated with the health authorities through writing, while the non-lettered ones who visited the hospital spoke through their relations who comes along with them.

Dr Boamah explained that the current arrangement would help the health authorities to communicate with patients who were hearing impaired and visited the hospital alone.

He said current medical practice required that the health officers communicated effectively with the patients for the patients to understand what was wrong with them and the type of medication that was being prescribed for them.

Dr Boamah advised clients of the hospital to ask of the name of medical personnel who treated them and also the name of the drugs that were prescribed for them.

He explained that when the patients were engaged by medical personnel and made to understand what was wrong with their health and the support that the prescription given them could offer, it made them to comply better with the directives of the medical officer and also help speed up their recovery.



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