The scientists followed babies born in a rural area of The Gambia

Twelve babies were delivered at the Koforidua Regional Hospital on Christmas Day.

The scientists followed babies born in a rural area of The GambiaThe babies were seven males and five females including two sets of male twins and female twins.

Ten of the deliveries were normal whiles two were through caesarian session .

Senior Midwife of the maternity ward, Madam Judith Addo, advised all pregnant woman to take good care of their diets, indicating that anaemia seemed to be the common sickness found in mothers admitted at the hospital.

She advised pregnant women to adhere to instructions from nurses and pay regular attention to their health by visiting the health facility for checkup.

Dr Samuel Menyah, a Resident Doctor, advised couples to engage in family planning in order to have a sizeable and well planned family.

He said children are a gift from God and must be treated with care and called on fathers to take up the responsibility of caring for their children instead of leaving that on the mothers alone.



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