Police in the Eastern region have launched a search for members of a vigilante group branded ?Boko Haram?.

Members of the group, believed to possess extreme views on Islam, operating in Akim Ofoase are alleged to be torturing Muslim women who defy their orders.

Five members of the group have been arrested and subsequently granted bail after long hours of interrogation.

Police sources say the activities of the group had the blessing of Muslim leadership in the Zongo community as part of a strategy to make Islamic Law supreme in the Community.

Eastern region Police Commander, DCOP Yaagy Akuriba in an interview with Starr News said no watchdog group in Ghana has the right to torture people for defying their religious beliefs.

?I don?t think you can constitute yourself into a law court and lash people for violating your regulations?I think that it is wrong?.

DCOP Akuriba added that Ghanaians must not be worried about the latest developments since the Police are in control of affairs.

?I am rather worried that the community is silent over this but this shouldn?t send any fears because that group cannot thrive?.

Source: Starrfmonline


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