Ghana?s senior police officer turned award-winning gospel singer, Superintendent Kofi Sarpong, has told NEWS-ONE that his decision to become professional gospel musician has enhanced his police career. ?As a police officer, my work is very human-related and not just about keeping watch and providing security for the public.

Since I started doing gospel music, I have become closer to the public and the more closer you get to the public, the better you can serve them because you relate better, they give you information in trust, and some even start to look up to you as a role model,? the Police Superintendent, popularly known as DSP Kofi Sarpong, explained.

He was answering a question from NEWS-ONE as to whether combining a professional music career with his full-time job as a police officer had brought him major challenges or not. ?I agree it is not easy but so far so good. I have not encountered any major challenges. I put my police profession ahead of my music career but I handle both in a way that the balance has been mutually beneficial.

?If one was hindering the other, I would have stopped a long time ago. I am happy God has helped me to excel in both fields. I was very encouraged when I started winning awards and I realised I could overcome the fears and challenges. Mind you, I do not only serve the public when I minister my gospel tunes. I am also enhancing the rapport between the public and the police.

When we have our WASSA events in the police service, I get invited all over to perform for my colleagues and they all love it and give me maximum support,? Kofi Sarpong stated. The musician said the fact that he is a popular policeman because of his music career means he is compelled to live an exemplary life whether he is in uniform or not, noting that it has added up to making him a better police officer.

Kofi Sarpong said though he has a lot of plans and expectations for the year 2015, he will leave that information to be put out by his manager, Ernest Kwasi Ennin of Media Excel Productions. The talented gospel singer burst into the music industry in late 2009 and in 2010, grabbed the Gospel Song of the Year at the Ghana Music Awards.

He was also nominated for the categories of Gospel Artiste of the Year and Discovery of the Year. He has since launched two successful albums and become a regular face at music concerts in Ghana and beyond. Kofi Sarpong was born into a family of Presbyterians and joined the Police Service 13 years ago.

He is married to Mrs Salomey Sarpong and they have three lovely kids.


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