The Makosa star was reportedly represented by 10 lawyers

Koffi Olomide, one of Africa?s most popular music exports was yesterday arrested in Congo DRC after a fracas in a Kinshasa hotel.

Olomide, 56, was promptly arraigned before a magistrate court in the country?s capital and charged with assault. He was reported to have been represented by over ten lawyers.

Many of the superstar?s fans were in court to stand in solidarity with him and catch a glimpse of Congo DRC?s ace musician

According to reports, the altercation was between the singer and his producer, Diego Lubaki, over a $3,680 debt.

Olomide was held in police custody overnight for the case to continue today for further hearing.

If found guilty, the Makossa exponent will be risking a six month jail-term according to the country?s law.

Koffi Olomide is a winner of many international awards, he promotes a Congolese brand of music called Soukous which made him very popular among French speaking fans in Africa and Europe.

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