By Nana Kow Blankson

If the Ghana Journalist Association (GJA) has any respect left, how come this Koo Jimmi, who calls himself Kofi Jumah, has the power to spit in the face of the association? There are some people who have become parliamentarians by default. Some of them even do not know why they are there. Otherwise, people like Koo Jimmi (Jumah) would never have seen the inside of the parliament house much more get the chance of being addressed as honourable.

Koo Jimmi (Jumah) was reported to have rained a barrage of insults on a journalist, Richard Sky of Citi FM, for failing to interview him. What Koo Jimmi (Jumah) said is nothing I will waste my time to amplify. But they were serious insults which demanded a psychiatric examination of Koo Jimmi (Jumah), because what he said pales to what Kennedy Agyapong has also been heaping on others.

But the GJA which has no spine came out with a lame statement signed by its spineless president, Ransford Tetteh, expressing concern about that incident as well as others. I was expecting much more than that statement which adds to nothing.

But when Koo Jimmi (Jumah) was interviewed on the Asempa FM’s Kukurantumi to react to the statement by the GJA, this buffoon called off the bluff by the association and stated that he will heap more insults on the journalist than he did before if he had to do it again.

People like Koo Jimmi (Jumah) who have found themselves at the wrong positions at the wrong time think they can say anything and get away with it. I am happy that one of his unguarded statements led to his defeat at the NPP parliamentary primaries, which would deny him the chance of joining the august body come January 2013. I guess he would use that period to buy some tooth paste and brush to do some cleaning of his foul mouth which stinks to the highest hell.

It serves the GJA right for losing it bite, which has led to people like Koo Jimmi (Jumah) for walking over the association with impunity. This normally happens when the leadership of an association becomes toothless bulldogs who can bark but cannot bite.

I am waiting to see the next round of action by the GJA in the midst of this terrible bluff by Koo Jimmi (Jumah) who was doing nothing incredible in the US until ex-president Kufuor brought him down and made him the chief executive of the Kumasi Metropolitan Authority.

The GJA must stand up and fight for its members otherwise people like Koo Jimmi (Jumah) would continue to trample over its members with impunity. Just issuing a warning is not enough. The GJA Must wake up and fight!

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