It is all about focus and fear in the life of corporate employees. Both emotions make one alert, assertive, strategist and effort oriented. But which of the emotion – the fear or focus, help one to become successful?

This question every corporate employee should ask as they aspire to have both career and financial success in the highly competitive corporate world. Therefore, it is worth to know whether fear or focus rides them in the corporate.

The successful existence of all carnivores in nature is the finest example for how focus and not fear wins in nature. When a carnivore hunt, they exhibit great amount of focus, sharpness and alertness and that will be supported by their innate strength. The hunt success is purely the reward of the focus to their strength and not the mere strength that wins.

On the contrary, all prey animals do have focus and unfortunately, their focus is well supported by fear. When fear supports the focus, the strength leads one to confusion or a state of restlessness.

The question is not about having fear is right or wrong. A prey has to be scared of the predator and a predator needs focus to win. The fear and focus have to be an integral part of any predator-prey relationship. The message to be drawn by the corporate employees is whether they are following the above principle in corporate.

Capability or strength can go defunct or meaningless if the focus is supported by fear. Have fear in your focus and it will help you to calibrate your focus, but do not focus on fear. Most of the corporate employees will be carrying the psychology of both the predator and prey as the corporate ecosystem is no way different from any jungle.

Since the traits of both predator and prey co-exist in the minds of every employee, the prey fear in one employee can easily get preyed by the predator focus of the other and vice versa.

It is not about the thinking pattern, but fear dominance is what one need to address. All our focus should have fear but we should never focus on fear is what the successful existence of all predators or carnivores in the jungle tell to the corporate.

Fear affects the focus, cause panic and hence most prey animals get distracted and move away from their team. When they get isolated, become an easy victim to the predator. Fear or focus, certainly the focus should have fear but fear should not be the focus as it will never offer success.


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