The marine world is full of life, fun and plethora of management insights that are essential for every corporate and its employees to learn.? It is reported that a dolphin that weigh 5 ton can jump 6-7 feet above water.? ?How such an amazing feat is possible for such massive animals like Dolphins?


The insight and knowledge of the massive Dolphins to accomplish such feat, every corporate must learn and apply.? Neither the size nor the weight really determines the distance of their jump and only the understanding and planning that determines the success of such feat.


Before jumping high to the air, the Dolphins do go deep inside the ocean and then swim vertically towards the surface of the ocean with great speed, keep swimming to maintain the speed & strength and that is how they reach great distance above the water.


The speed to go forward especially to above the water level can come only from the strength gathered from deep below the water.?? Only the speed gained from behind can help one to move forward fast.? The theory of ?momentum gained and momentum lost? perhaps, the Dolphins might know much before the man knows them.


It needs to be interpreted differently by the corporate people.? One can move forward in ones career depends on how deep one has gone deep inside ones learning.? If one refuses to go inside the subject of ones field, one would never able to move forward.


The heavy Dolphins apply the above insight in its life and that is how it could jump high above water i.e. to the air.


When people live with superficial knowledge and the knowledge that is ?manufactured cosmetically? is like fishes that live in the periphery of some lakes.? In the periphery of lakes, one cannot gain great speed to go forward as such speed they cannot gain from deep inside the water.? The water is shallow.


The people who live in such shallow space of knowledge in the corporate cannot go forward in their career.? One must commit to learn, improvise and improve ones knowledge at least for the sake of ?own? growth and success.


The Dolphins while jumping also gets the better picture about the presence of fishes.? Dolphins take the cue from the presence of ?fish eating? birds to know the presence of the fishes.? Then they move towards the place where they have identified the presence of fishes.? When they are in water, possibility of having an aerial view is limited.


Only when people travel from the depth of their knowledge, they will be recognized and respected in the world.? When the corporate people engage in such activity, limitations become opportunities.?? The massive weight of Dolphins never limits their feat as they go deep inside the water to gain strength and speed to jump above the water.


In water, the dolphins may not find its body heavy or massive.?? Only when it aspires to go above water and to become free from water, it may likely to experience its weight to be heavy or light.?? In order to overcome such limitation only, the animal gains strength and speed from deep inside the water.??? Science and management the Dolphins mix in equal proportions in order to do the amazing jump.


But unfortunately, most corporate never believe in Dolphin?s management and hire only people with shallow knowledge and understanding.? Mostly, the single men corporate are the one that follows and believes that knowledge is bane and sycophancy and sycophants only contributes to the corporate growth.


Learn the intelligence of Dolphins while watching the bewildering feat of Dolphins, indeed such learning will help you to grow in your career if not the single man?s corporate.


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai


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