The Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) has set-up a task force to arrest and impound cattle and other domestic animals that are found roaming on the streets.

The Assembly has also warned people owning kraals at an unauthorized places to remove them with immediate effect or face the rigors of the law.

A Press Statement signed by Mr Godwin Okumah Nyame, the Public Relations Officer and issue in Kumasi on Wednesday, said the Assembly was concern about the numerous animals such as cattle, goats, sheep, pigs and others, which were found roaming on the streets of the Metropolis on daily basis.

These animals were causing nuisance by littering the streets with their faeces, destroying lawns and posing danger to the public.

A number of unauthorized cattle kraals have also sprung-up in some parts of the Metropolis, which could be harmful to human health.

The statement said that was contrary to the KMA (cattle Ponds) Bye-laws, 1995.

It urged owners of animals to heed to the warning and find suitable places for their animals or have themselves to blame.


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