In less than 12 hours, 4 women have come to say KKD (Kwesi Kyei Darkwa) who is currently in a police cell for an allegedly raping a 19 year old girl sexually assaulted them?and though these allegations are not confirmed or cannot be confirmed, they are shocking?

Another Ghanaian woman in her early 30s currently residing in Germany has contacted GhanaCelebrities.Com alleging that she was raped by celebrity broadcast journalist-KKD when she was 16 years and her ordeal is a sad one?

Check what she told us out?

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In subsequent comments another girl known as Leeta also narrated her rape ordeal in the hands of KKD at the age of 14.

According to her??When I was 14 he sexually assaulted me. I had also gone to him for assistance on broadcasting. All this man wanted to do was touch me, I was so disgusted that someone I had admired was stooping so low. I was young but I knew right from wrong and thank goodness I was able to resist and fight him. It was in his office 10 years ago. He used to work at GIPC i think. It?s opposite the GBC ? Agric bank at tetteh quarshie. He is shameless, and I have heard from other women he actually did rape. Last year I commented on a article on here how that?s all he does, chasing little girls. The article on him chastising Yvonne Nelson for bleaching.?

Source: GhanaCelebrities.com (GC)



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