There is always a tool that changes the game. It is called the game-changer. Changing the game from poverty to riches, from despair to hope, from a poor position a high position from a poor profession to good-paying professional job, from rags to riches is what the Kizzo game is all about. The game that transforms lives is the game that changes lives.

The Kizzo game offers you the opportunity to play and learn the skills of personal life transformation. The life Coach is ready to unveil the key that unlocks the code of success.


KIZZO-SMART TALENT GAME was invented on the 26th June 2017 by a Ghanaian born social entrepreneur Mr. Daniel Edusei. He is the founder of Life Is Skool Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mandates and focus cut across several spheres of life that includes educational programs with emphasis on people with special needs, Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship, Career Counseling and Talent Discovery etc.

‘SMART TALENT GAME’ was born out of the desire to help individuals unearth their innate inclinations and skills set in order to nurture them into productive career path.

The very essence of Kizzo game is brought to light in this contemporary times especially when individuals are continually in the quest for meaning as well as direction in life. The questions that most people sometimes ask are:
1. Why do I act the way I do?

2. How do I discover my innate abilities and talents that will put me on the path of success?.
3. How are my choices and actions affected by my personality traits?.

These questions and many more are what Kizzo game seeks to answer.

The game is an eye opener; it is educative, fun and entertaining. Unlike the ordinary game designed for mere recreation, it was engineered to add another dimension to the concept of recreation. Kizzo marries fun and education to bring out the best in people.

Discover your potentials that will make meaningful impact in your world.


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