Electoral Commission (EC)
Electoral Commission (EC)

The residents of Osu Kinkanwe electoral area in the Korle Klottey constituency have met their aspirants for them to outline their developmental plans.

Three people are contesting for the Assembly Member position and 15 people for unit committee members.
The contesters for the Assembly Members are; incumbent Henry Kotei Kotey, George Annan and Joseph Oko Adokwei the CEO of Liles of Filed Academy.


When Ghana News Agency caught up with the three aspirants to find out more about their developmental plans for the people, if given the nod, Mr Henry Kotei Kotey, the current Assemblyman urged his people to give him another chance to continue his work.

He said he worked with the unit committee members without any problems and wants extension to complete his projects.

“I’m the only Assembly Member who is able to work with my unit committee members without problems and as a result people have shown interest in contesting for the unit committee, and the number has increased from five to 15.

“I listen to my unit committee members; send them to programmes, conferences to go and participate and to acquire knowledge and ideas for the benefit of our electorates.”

“It is not the duty of the Assembly Member only to ensure that people do not throw refuses any how especially in the gutters but it is the responsibility of all.

I told my people that if they see anybody throwing refuse into the gutters, report that person to the Assembly. Assembly member is just a leader in the community so everybody should support the Assembly member for the work to go on.”

Mr George Annan, another Contestant, who is a teacher by profession said with his experience in teaching, he will organise frr extra classes for the pupils every Saturdays.

“As a teacher by profession, I will tackle education first, by organizing extra classes free for the basic schools level every Saturdays, including the Kayaye children who are at Tema Station because they are part of my electoral area.

I will also provide free mosquito nets for their mothers, and then when I see that a Kayaye child is brilliant, I give him or her sponsorship.”

He said the Assembly had covered huge lands and he would use part of it with the help of his NGOs on board to build a library for effective studies.

Mr. Annan added that if elected into power, he would liaise with Tema Station GPRTU heads to contribute to the assembly.

“Tema Station is part of my electoral area, I will talk to the GPRTU heads then we put things on papers.”
Mr Joseph Oko Adowei, another Contestant also noted that if given the chance, he would create jobs for the youth, educate the less privileged and sanitation.

“I have my NGO in the area, where I’m doing a lot of work already, I want to expand it if given the nod. My works are job for the youth, education for the less privileged pupils and sanitation.” One of my sponsors in abroad will be cutting sod for the constructing of school next year February and if given the nod I will work to extend it to other communities.

“My NGOs organises vocational training for the people who drop out of school and cannot continue. I mobilise the youth to clean the environment and I provide them with tools. I don’t pay the youth for the clean-up but at the end of the cleaning I motivate them with something.” He said.


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