Kanye West?s Alleged Freaky Flick Co-Star Monyy Mon [PHOTOS]

The summer is over and Kanye West?s autumn is about to get very interesting. Yesterday, news broke that an amateur freaky flick starring Yeezy and a Kim Kardashian lookalike was being shopped around, looking for the highest bidder. The Kimmie lookalike turns out to be ?model? Monyy Mon (sometimes spelled Mony Mon, Mony Monn or just Jasmine).

Although she allegedly says she?s 18 on the adult video in question, Mony is 25, from California, clearly loves taking mirror phone pics, has strong thighs and a booming booty and does favor the ?Cold? rapper?s current girlfriend. She speaks Spanish, too.

Check out flicks of this inadvertent p0rn star, allegedly, in the gallery below (click the #s). Admit it, you really want to at least take a peek at that flick now, don?t you?

UPDATE: Monyy has taken to Twitter to say she is not the woman frolicking with Yeezy on tape. ?I am just reading all these tweets, and i am lost!. I have no idea what you guys are talking about, THERE IS NO such thing as sex tape of me,? she tweeted. We can still look at these photos, though.


Source : hiphopwired.com


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