Kim Kardashian reportedly wants her divorce from Kris Humphries finalized as soon as possible so she can marry Kanye West, Radar Online reported Monday. Kardashian has been known to fall in and out of love quite quickly; she married NBA star Kris Humpries after mere months of dating, and then publicly divorced him an infamous 72 days later.

A source told the celebrity gossip site:

?There is going to be a scheduled status conference on Wednesday for Kim and Kris? divorce,? the source said.

?Kris has already been deposed, but Kim hasn?t been yet. Kim has told her lawyer that the case is dragging because Kris is determined to keep his name in the press and drag her name through the mud. Kim is ready to get engaged to Kanye, but doesn?t want to until her divorce is finalized,? the insider revealed.

?Kim feels that Kanye is the man she is going to spend the rest of her life with, and she doesn?t want to wait. Kim?s deposition will likely take place in the next few weeks, but she feels nothing is going to be gained by it,? the source added.

Kardashian once thought she wanted to spend the rest of her life withHumphries too, until he insisted that his two dogs, Gizmo and Brodi, sleep in bed with him. Kardashian publicly said that she wasn?t in love with Kris anymore and that?s why the couple was divorcing.

Humphries is alleging that he was ?duped? into marrying Kardashian, but it?s unlikely he will be able to play the heartbroken soul after he was accused of starting another relationship with Myla Sinanaj.

Sinanaj later claimed that she was pregnant with Humphries? child and then later recanted the tale, saying that they had never even had sex, according to Radar Online.

Do you think Kardashian will marryWest once her divorce is finalized?

Source : LATIMES


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