Kim Kardashian for mayor? For the city of Glendale, California, it could happen. In a bonus clip for “Khloe & Lamar,” the 31-year-old reality star tells her younger sister that she’s considering a run to govern the Los Angeles suburb, which boasts the largest population of Armenians outside of the Euroasian country. “I’m gonna run for the mayor of Glendale, but it’s gonna be in like five years,” says Kim. The head-scratching comment came as the two were driving around Dallas, where Khloe was living at the time while her husband played basketball for the Mavericks (last week, he was dropped from the team), and passed the Ross Perot Museum, in honor of the billionaire Texan who ran for president in 1992.

The idea to run for mayor is apparently not a fluke for Kim, who has clearly thought it out. In the clip, she tells Khloe that she and her like-named friend Noelle Keshiashian have already researched the requirements, which includes residency in the one-quarter Armenian town. “I have to buy a house there,” explains Kim. But acting as Glendale’s mayor won’t be as cush as she thinks. According to its website, the government operates on a “council-manager” system: Five council members are selected to serve four-year terms, and each year one member serves as the mayor.

If Kim does run and get elected, would that make beau Kanye West her First Husband? The two were spotted getting lovey-dovey during a romantic getaway to New York City in early April, although they have not been seen together since their highly-publicized romance tour. Last week, Us Weekly reported that the rapper referred to Kim as “his Beyonce,” but on Tuesday the magazine denounced its own story with an interview from Kanye himself. “I would never compare anyone to my friend’s wife,” he told Us, referring to his Watch the Throne co-partner Jay-Z. “Come on now, that doesn’t even sound like me. If I don’t say something in a rap or on Twitter, it’s not true.”


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