Kim Kardashian Size Zero Bride
Kim Kardashian Lost Almost 70 Pounds

kim-kardashian-size-zero-bride-Kim Kardashian has lost almost 70 pounds since giving birth to daughter North in June, but she?s far from done.

?Kim wants to be thinner than her pre-baby body and is willing to do anything to get there,? a friend exclusively tells?In Touch.?With her wedding just a few months away, the new mom is hell-bent on dropping more weight ? no matter what the cost to her health. ?She?s desperate to be a size-0 bride,? says a pal.

She?s also trading in mommy-and-me time with North for three-hour workout sessions. ?She works out every day at?5 a.m.,? her close pal Jonathan Cheban tells?In Touch.

She?s still following the strict Atkins diet and is ?counting the calories in everything and living on grilled fish, chicken and steamed vegetables,? says a friend. ?She admitted she?s barely eaten a carb for nearly four months.?

The wedding is a huge motivator, but so is Kim?s?dream of being accepted by fashion?s elite. ?Kanye?s been talking to [Vogue?editor in chief] Anna Wintour about having the wedding appear in the magazine,? a source close to the rapper tells?In Touch.





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