kim-kardashianMost people would assume that Kim Kardashian never has to work another day in her life, thanks to her family?s multi-million dollar empire ? but that couldn?t be less true!

Between renovating her $11 million mansion and buying designer duds and gifts such as a $100,000 Cartier watch for fianc? Kanye West, sources tell?Life & Style?that Kim?s shelling out $1 million a month.

?She literally says, ?I?m out of control with my spending!?? an insider tells?Life & Style.?Renovations on that house have gotten so out of control, half a million is a drop in the bucket. It?s gotten worse since she started dating Kanye ? she?s trying to keep up with him. She easily spends $30,000 a week on clothing.?

And with a Kardashian wedding coming up, Kim isn?t slowing down. ?She wouldn?t think twice about putting $150,000 a week into the wedding, whether it?s booking tickets and rooms for friends or putting deposits on premium vendors,? a Kim source dishes to?Life & Style.


?She?s the rich version of living paycheck to paycheck,? a family friend exclusively tells the mag. ?That woman burns through money like no one else.?




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