Jakaya Kikwete

H.E. Jakaya Kikwete, President of Republic of Tanzania

President Jakaya Kikwete has promised to look for a permanent solution to a problem facing over 1,500 street vendors in the city of Mwanza.

“I have heard your request, I want to assure you that I’m willing to find a lasting solution,” said President Kikwete. Earlier, the chairperson of the vendors’ association in Mwanza Liberatus Kabaila, told the president that street vendors had been operating in a harsh environment since 2010.

The chairperson said the city council had now provided members of the association with specific areas to conduct their businesses, which   include Makoroboi, Liberty  and Nyamagana areas, but that was not enough. Some 1,716 street vendors defected from opposition parties and joined the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi on Sunday. The chairperson cordially asked the president to support the vendors to boost their businesses.

In response, President Kikwete said  he had been touched by the vendors’ request. Meanwhile,  Mwanza residents flocked at the CCM Kirumba Stadium to  mark the party’s 35th anniversary People started arriving  at the stadium as early as 7.15 am. Security guards were busy inspecting long queues of people scrambling to enter the stadium.

Inside the stadium, CCM youth, members and supporters were  in jovial  mood as they waved the party’s flags, while singing songs that embraced and glorified  the party’s slogans.  Traditional dancers, from Bujora Museum centre, Wika Sanaa Group,  and other cultural troupes, coloured the event.

Several residents told the ‘Daily News’ that they had come to witness a historic event. “This is an important event because our party is 35 years old and in power. That is something to be proud of ,” said    Maduhu Joramu. One resident, Mama Mabula, 70, who travelled all the way from Kisesa area in Magu district to Mwanza city was all smiles: “I  came to see a man of the people, President Jakaya Kikwete. I have never seen him before,” she said.

The celebrations were attended by high ranking party officials, including Vice chairperson Pius Msekwa, Secretary General Wilson Mukama,  the party’s Secretary for Ideology and Publicity Nape Nnauye, and Speaker of the National Assembly  Ms Anne Makinda.
Mr Mukama stated that the presence of such a huge crowd at the stadium is a clear indication that many people still have faith in the ruling CCM.

CCM  was established on 5th, February 1977 as a merger between the Afro Shiraz Party (ASP)  (Zanzibar) and Tanganyika Africa National Union (TANU) that was based in then Tanganyika.

By DASSU STEPHEN, Tanzania Daily News


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