Khartoum Oil Refinery to Commences Work

Sudan’s Ministry of Oil and Gas on Saturday announced completion of maintenance works at Khartoum Oil Refinery.

“Gradual operation of the refinery will begin within two days prior to supplying the reservoirs with oil derivatives,” Saad Hussein Al-Bushra, State Minister at Oil and Gas Ministry, was quoted as saying. He said operation of the refinery would mark the end of the fuel shortage crisis in both the capital and the states. He further explained that the decision to partially stop the refinery for maintenance was “necessary” to preserve it as a strategic facility.

The Sudanese capital Khartoum and other Sudan states have been witnessing severe shortage of oil products, especially benzine and diesel, as thousands of cars line up in front of fuel stations to get fuel. Al-Gaili or Khartoum refinery, some 60 km north of Khartoum, stopped operation in late March due to regular maintenance works. The capacity of the refinery amounts to 95,000 barrels a day. Following the secession of South Sudan in 2011, Sudan lost around 75 percent of its oil revenues. Sudan is currently producing 115,000 barrels of petroleum products a day.


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