A poultry farmer in a remote village in Kenya’s northern county of Turkana has defied odds to become a leading supplier of day old chicks to other residents seeking to venture into poultry farming.

Josphat Akoule, 48, who ventured into poultry business last year, currently sells an estimated 200 chicks every month, thanks to a kerosene-powered incubator.

He told Xinhua during a recent interview his dream of venturing into poultry farming could not be realized due to lack of electricity connection in his homestead.

“I’m an agriculturist by profession and it has always been my desire to apply what I learnt in school to practice, not many homes are connected to power in Lodwar and this has been one of my biggest challenges,” said Akoule.

“I learnt about the kerosene-powered incubator during an agricultural show in Mombasa County two years ago. I later bought two incubators in Nakuru town and the transformation has been profound,” he added.

Akoule revealed he spends approximately 50 U.S. dollars in a month to maintain the kerosene incubator where he is able to hatch 100 chicks.

The incubator has an external affixed lantern whose top-most part is connected to a chimney that directs heat into the sealed wooden chamber.

The chamber has a window that he uses to set the eggs on the trays and monitor other conditions required to facilitate hatching of chicks.

Akoule disclosed that in a good month, he generates 162 dollars from selling day old chicks.

“There are times I don’t manage to sell all the chicks after hatching so the price for a month old chick can drop between 0.4 dollars and 0.5 dollars depending on the size,” he told Xinhua.

Akoule is also in the process of assembling a similar incubator after obtaining vital tips online and hopes it will be up and running in the next two weeks.

He says if the incubator he is making lives up to the task, he plans to make more and sell to women especially widows at an affordable cost.

“Most of the women here spend bulk of their time searching for food and water. The situation has worsened in the recent past. I believe in women empowerment and will contribute my resources towards that goal,” said Akoule.

“Turkana County has all it takes to feed and sustain its people. My wish is for every woman in this region to have a stable source of income and I believe my incubators will make this a reality,” he added. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/Newsghana.com.gh