Kerala is a very beautiful land with heavenly ambiance which invites thousands and thousands of tourists from every corner of the world. It is famous throughout the world for its excellent natural beauty and unique geographical feature which is exceptionally beautiful and awesome. It is a land blessed with almost all the expressions of nature such as pristine beaches, swaying palm trees, coconut groves, exotic backwaters, lush green valleys, undulating hills, gushing rivers, clear lakes, cascading waterfalls, cool hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries and lots more. It is also famous for its amazing and colorful festivals which are celebrated with devotion and with happiness. It is also well known throughout the globe for its excellent art and dance firms which attracts horde of tourists from around the world, it is very much liked and admired by the tourists and the visitors.The backwaters of Kerala are the main attraction of this heavenly land which is a very beautiful sight for the tourists and the locals too. Kerala houseboat are equally famous and galore numerous tourists from every nook and corner of the world. It provides the tourists with new experiences of staying in the houseboat which is as luxurious and comfortable as the hotels and the resorts. It is mainly famous among the newly married couples to celebrate the special occasion of honeymoon; it offers the couples with peaceful ambiance and tranquility. The backwaters are actually formed by the chain of canals extending about 1500 km, with a network of 44 rivers, lagoons and lakes. The size of these houseboats is about 95 feet in length and a width of around 13 feet. These houseboats are well furnished and consist of single, double and triple and five bedrooms, it also consists of beautiful sun deck, private balcony with private chairs, kitchen and bathroom with rest room too. The houseboat cruise along the palm fringed backwaters provides the tourists with very special moments and enchanting holiday experience which will always bring smile upon the faces of the tourists and the visitors. During the houseboat cruise in the exotic backwaters the tourists can see and experience ancient Chinese fishing net, water lilies, paddy fields, coir villages, rustic homes, temples and coconut groves. It is the most beautiful, new and enchanting experience for the tourists which they cannot find anywhere else in the world.Appelley is the most beautiful and attractive tourists’ destination of this heavenly land where the tourists can find a large network of inland canals which fills this place with immense natural beauty. This place is also well known for its brilliant boat race which is held every year in the month of August. Appelley is mostly known for its beautiful and attractive houseboats stay and cruise which is very much famous among the tourists and the visitors. The stay in the Appelley houseboats is completely a new and exciting experience for the tourists which offer the tourists with the excellent view of lush paddy field, water lilies, coir villages and lots more. It is a place where the tourists can relax and enjoy the beauty of the nature and take back home the beautiful memories which will cherished forever in life.

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