Kerala is one of the perfect place for which the state is subtitle as God’s own country. This particular state in south India is a popular tourist place that has been well noted for its outstanding attractions of awesome tropical greenery, backwater, yoga and ayurvedic treatment found in it. It is one of the super awesome nature destination listed by the National Geographical magazine as the ten paradises of the world.

Kerala offers one of the most impressive tour facilities with Kerala houseboat packages for best experience of tours in this state. Under these packages almost everything is possible for thrills, enjoyment, sightseeing and other activities relevant for tour and holiday excitement. It special guides you to some of the best travel spot of Kerala and provides you the necessary materials for a successful and enjoyable travel experiences.

Kerala is specially gifted with the amazing backwater that is spread out about 900 kms within the state itself.

It is one of the most preferred tourist hot spot in Kerala hunted by almost every tourist visitor of it. Its houseboat cruise that is provided by tourism in this area is perhaps the most suitable way to explore the beauty of breathtaking backwater as well as the in and around surrounding attractions lying near it.

These houseboats in Kerala are especially reserved for tour purpose and are available on hire with cost depending on its facilities and services available in them. But compared with other houseboats found in other parts of the world for touring Lake and water attraction sites, the houseboats of Kerala are quite cheap and fun beyond imagination.


Located in the magnificent and glittering bank of the Vembanad Lake is the small town of Kumarakom that is the heart of every bird spectator.

It is a charming town that is mainly set for backwater enthusiast to enjoy the beautiful scenery and also relish the awesome Kumarakom sanctuary. Here tourist can enjoy the sheer beauty of the backwater cruise as well as delight of bird watch and leisure fun.


It is one of the finest backwater destinations that have the ability to hundreds and thousands of tourists from all over the world. It is the most amazingly gifted tourist destination where you will find magnificent sites such as pristine clear backwaters, surrounding hills images dotted with greenery, waterfalls and other attractions possess by it have fit the title the as Venice of the East portraying the picture of the place.


It is also another picturesque backwater destination that holds and important position in the state. Cochin has the perfect amalgamation of both natural as well as historical attractions and is amazing beyond verbal description. This particular destination offers incredible tourist facilities and tourism services with numerous hotels and luxury things.

The above mention destinations are the prominent backwaters attach attractions to be noted in mind if you are planning for Kerala tour especially for those targeting for its backwater tour. The mention sites are the prominent and major backwater attraction sites that will give you the best experience.  

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