Professional male grooming is gradually eating into the lifestyles of Ghanaian men. To satisfy this growing taste, male grooming salons are providing top notch services for their growing clientele. Mainly, the services they provide are barbering, hair dying and treatment, pedicure, manicure and massage.

Kenzo?s Place, a trendsetter grooming service provider have gone a step further in their male grooming aspect of their unisex salon. After a one week break from the Christmas Holidays, the salon opened to the public with some refurbishments worth mentioning.

The major one that customers, especially the male ones will note is the addition of two foot spa stations inside the barbershop. Previously, all male clients had their pedicure and manicure in the salon. Now, they can have their additional grooming services in there without having to move.

The seats of the foot spa massage clients while they simultaneously receive their pedicure and manicure. Full body massage can be opted for as well alongside all general grooming services for both sexes.

Another noticeable change is the car park which has been changed from the gravel filling to pavement blocks. There have been other minor changes, all geared towards making the client comfortable and satisfied. Kenzo?s Place, the trendsetter men?s grooming and beauty salon is in Cantonments, off the Ghana International School Road and opposite the Cantonments Post Office.

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