Kenya’s newly-appointed Inspector- General of Police, Joseph Boinett vowed to step up fight against terrorism and drug trafficking. wpid-police3.jpg
Boinett who took office on Thursday, said terrorists have brought damage to the economy and created religious discord in the country.
“Terrorists have harmed the tourism sector and they intend to incite inter-religious fighting among Kenyans,” he said during a meeting with senior police officers in Nairobi.
The official also singled out drug trafficking, people trafficking, contraband smuggling and poaching as threats to national security and declared a all-out crackdown on them.
Boinett said he will introduce new strategies, including intelligence-led methods to tackle the emerging crime.
Boinett, 52, joined the police service in 1984 and rose through the ranks to become a Senior Superintendent of Police. He was then transferred to the National Intelligence Service in 1998.
He holds a degree in international studies and diplomacy from the University of Washington, as well as two master’s degrees, one in security policy from the Australian National Security University, the other in diplomatic studies from the University of Westminster. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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