A surge in Kenya’s cut flower exports to Netherlands has cemented the country’s position as the second top destination of Kenyan goods.


Netherlands is now importing from the East African nation an average of goods worth 35 million U.S. dollars a month, against Britain’s 33 million dollars, which ranked second before being replaced, according to new data from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) received Thursday.
Kenya exports mainly horticultural produce to the European country, in particularly, cut flowers. At the end of April, Kenya had exported goods worth 138 million dollars to Netherlands this year, against Britain’s 133 million dollars.
Besides flowers, Kenya’s other exports to Netherlands include tobacco, vegetables and fruits. Netherlands exports to Kenya are transport equipment, machinery, engines and chemicals.
Trade between the two nations has been strengthening since 2014 despite Kenya not openly reaching out to the country for strong bilateral ties. Enditem



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