According to Kimonyi Muthini, the chair of the umbrella association of the curio traders in Nakuru town, the volumes of their sales have remained low for about two years.


He told Xinhua on Thursday that receiving more Chinese tourists heading to either Lake Nakuru National Park or the Maasai Mara National Reserve could boost their earnings which have dropped by 80 percent during the period.


“Let many and many Chinese tourists come. We have a variety of good product curios to offer them,” said Muthini.

Chinese are among the foreign tourists who provide market to the curio traders whose source of living is mainly drawn from the sale of the merchandise.

A prolonged low season spells doom to the traders who make up the 85 percent of the informal sector self-employers in the country.

Kenya is in the rebound of reviving the tourism sector with the government implementing multiple strategies of marketing the country to the outside world.

The stability of the sector greatly determines the state of the country’s economy since it supports numerous other hospitality, agricultural, transport and commercial activities.

Farmers supplying agricultural produce to the hotels and restaurants hosting the tourists suffer from declining demand while travel agencies feel the pinch due to a slumber in the business while those offering goods and services necessary to tourists count lost profits.

“Kenya has many places that tourists can visit and enjoy themselves. So, let them not avoid Kenya. I am convinced the government is doing its best to ensure security prevails throughout the year,” noted Muthini.

“There are thousands of people who directly and indirectly depend on the tourism sector to survive. When it is doing badly, they suffer,” he added.

During last year’s holiday festivities, the Lake Nakuru National Park’ management reported an increased in the number of the Chinese tourists visiting the premium park. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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