The East African nation’s residents are vigilant as they board buses to their rural homes, head to churches to pray, supermarkets and malls to shop or to entertainment spots to make merry.


Threat of terror attack from the Somali-based militants the Al-Shabaab remains real in the country, making the citizens to be more cautious.

The militants have in the last two weeks carried out several minor attacks in Kenya, one at the Coast and one in Northern Kenya killing at least two people and injuring several.

While police have assured Kenyans that they have done everything to guarantee them safety during the Christmas period, citizens know the assurance is not enough, thus, are taking precautions to remain safe.

Passenger service vehicles that had in the past months relaxed the frisking of passengers have resumed the much important exercise as they register increased number of passengers.

At the Machakos Country Bus Station, which has suffered terror attacks several times in the past, passengers and their luggage were screened thoroughly Wednesday.

The bus terminus, on the outskirts of the central business district in the capital Nairobi, has been on the crosshair of terrorists.

“You cannot board the vehicle before we screen you,” an attendant firmly told a man as he tried to enter a bus protesting that he was initially in the vehicle.

A survey in the capital showed similar scenarios replicated in supermarkets, eateries, malls, hotels and commuter vehicles plying within the city.

The Kenya government, through the Interior Ministry, on Tuesday assured citizens that it has put in place security measures to detect, deter and disrupt terrorist activities.

However, the ministry noted that citizens have a role to play in counter terrorism and prevention of criminal activities by being vigilant particularly in crowded places that include public vehicles, ferries, malls, airports, railway stations, churches and learning institutions.

“Remain vigilant at all times and conduct thorough searches, secure emergency exit to prevent unauthorized entry and break the routine to avoid traps,” said the ministry.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery noted Tuesday that threats of terror attack from the Al-Shabaab remain real in Kenya.

He said police have foiled several attacks organized by the militants in the past months due to improved coordination and use of technology.

“Terrorism is still a real threat to Kenya, the region and the entire world, but we have also improved in our response,” he said.

Several citizens interviewed Wednesday acknowledged the need to be vigilant as they go for church services, visit malls or entertainment spots.

“I will certainly be on the lookout because I will attend night prayers on Thursday and take my children for Christmas shopping on Friday,” said Lilian Amaumo, a banker. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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