by Robert Manyara

Kenyan students’ interaction with Chinese lectures has spirited their ambitions of exploring socio-economic opportunities availed in the Asian country.

At Egerton University in Kenya’s Nakuru county, some of the students who spoke to Xinhua on Friday, looked forward to sharpening their skills in their respective fields of study and gain experience in China.

The students, who are studying Chinese language at the institution, say their cordial relation with the lectures at the university’s Confucius Institute has impacted their lives positively.

The extensive knowledge they have imparted on them regarding the culture Chinese people uphold in their social and professional lives has driven the curiosity and yearn to learn more about the country and its people.

“To us Africans, keeping time is a challenge but the Chinese value it. They are very strict on keeping time and that is something I learnt from my lectures,” said Samuel Mbugua, a student at the university.

Mbugua, who had a chance to visit Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing in June and July last year, hopes to secure another opportunity to learn more about the working culture of the Chinese.

“It is important to learn how to innovate yourself and become a better person, something I have already gained from my interaction with my lecturers,” he noted.

“I could wish to have a rich experience in both social and professional lives so that I can become a resourceful person in the world. China is one of the places I believe I can learn those skills from.”

Through his visit, Mbugua said China is advanced in health and infrastructure, areas that Kenya is equally striving to expand, and so partnerships are important in catalyzing further developments in the socio-economic sectors.

Brenda Muthoni, another Chinese language student, is confident of securing a scholarship to advance her studies in biochemistry in China.

“China has many biochemistry facilities which I cannot find here in Kenya. Accessing them could make me a better biochemist,” said Muthoni, who is also a third-year student in biochemistry sciences at Egerton University.

Muthoni said she wants to return home upon completion of her studies to utilize the skills and experience gained in promoting development in the Kenyan society.

“Advancing my studies in China and returning to Kenya to work could be part of spearheading the growing need for exchange in knowledge, skills and technology between Kenya and China. And I could be glad to be part of the process and progress,” noted Muthoni.

Monicah Muigai, who wants to pursue a master degree in China, believes she could learn more than academics from the Asian social and economic structure.

“There are other aspects of learning such as technology and even culinary,” she said.

Muigai won a singing competition during this year’s celebrations of the Chinese New Year at the university’s Confucius Institute.

In future, she said she could also explore her artistic skills in Chinese music. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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