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Kenyan researchers on Friday formed a networking team to fight fall armyworm, an insect that destroys crops, which has caused devastating effects on farmers across the country.

The researchers drawn from the 47 counties and representatives from chemical companies converged in Kitale in northwest Kenya to share experience and ideas on how to combat the pest as well as threats from the pest on the country’s food security.

During the symposium, researchers came up strategies aimed at tackling the destructive menace caused by army worm including integrating pest management which they said is the best mechanism to control armyworm and save farmers from incurring losses.

“We have held a successful symposium and we have developed a strategy to help manage army worm invasion in the country. We have formed a networking team tasked with creating public awareness and also develop a proposal to solicit funds towards capacity building awareness creation,” said Mary Nzomo, Trans Nzoia County Executive member in charge of Agriculture.

They urged concerted efforts from the government and development partners in the management of the pest.

“Maize is the livelihood of majority of the Kenyan and if it is under threat then life will be in danger,” said Zacharia Kinyua, deputy director at Kenya Livestock and Research Organization (KARLO).

The team resolved to combine efforts to control the pest and aid the country to attain the over 10 million bags of maize deficit. The researchers called for adequate funding to facilitate research on the pest.

The researchers said they are seeking multiple approaches to combat the pest which has left a trail of destruction on maize farms across the country.

The pest was detected last march and has since caused big losses to maize farmer s across the country. Enditem

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