Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday called on the country’s soldiers to maintain their professionalism while on their peacekeeping missions abroad.

Kenyatta also lauded Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) for their professional conduct throughout peacekeeping mission, saying their exemplary conduct in service under the African Union has effectively supported the civil authority.
He expressed satisfaction that the African Union and the United Nations Security Council have continued to show solid confidence in the capability, professionalism and integrity of the KDF.

He lauded KDF for their selfless service to the nation, noting that Kenyans appreciate that the forces are often called to serve in the most dangerous conditions and even pay the ultimate price for the sake of the country.
The East African nation is the 29th largest contributor of military and police personnel to UN peacekeeping.
Nairobi currently deploys 947 military and police personnel to the UN operations in the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lebanon, Liberia, Mali, Sudan and South Sudan.

The Kenyan leader, who is the commander in chief of armed forces, also called on the new service men and women to be loyal to their country and government. He urged the new service men and women to uphold the high standards required by the service in order to enjoy a meaningful youth full of personal achievement and contribution to the national well-being.

Noting the increase in the number of female recruits year after year, the president said the substantial female component testifies to the nation’s commitment to equality and equal opportunity regardless of gender. Enditem


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