Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett clarified that only one person was found with a motherboard of a transistor radio as he queued to access the General Service Unit (GSU) training school.

Kenyan police
Kenyan police
“Someone was found with a motherboard of a small transistor radio in his bag at the security check as he queued to access the outer gate and was arrested for further questioning,” he said.

The police chief was responding to local media reports that the two terror suspects were nabbed trying to sneak a bomb into the pass-out parade when Kenyatta was in the premises.

The local media reported that anxiety had gripped security officers manning the GSU gates, after it was discovered that an extra component to complete the explosive was missing, raising fears that it could have already been sneaked into the event.

The reports say the two suspects were whisked away to anti-terror police for questioning in order to establish their motive.

Kenyatta turned up for the event in a military uniform that surprised many people who had turned up for the pass-out parade of more than 1,900 graduands.

The event proceeded without a hitch after family members of graduates were barred from accessing the main venue in precautionary measures to avert any possible threat.

Security officials have been on high alert after Somalia-based Al-Shabaab militants named a former University student as the leader of their Kenyan faction.

Ahmed Imani warned in a video which was widely circulated that the group would carry out more attacks in the country suggesting that their main target is the State House.

The incident also came after the authoritiries had warned that Al-Shabaab terrorists plan to attack domestic flights in a series.

Security at the pass-out parade of more than 1,900 officers was heightened after the arrest of the suspects with thorough screening of visitors. There were almost 10,000 people who attended the event.

Boinnet has urged Kenyans to be vigilant and to report anything suspicious to the police for immediate action.

Source: Xinhua


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