GMO Crops
GMO Crops

There is no scientific evidence to illustrate genetically modified organisms (GMOs) could trigger terminal illnesses like cancer or diabetes, Kenyan medics said on Monday.

GMO Crops
GMO Crops

Kenyan authorities in 2012 slapped a ban on the importation of genetically modified organisms, citing their potential risks to human and environmental health.


Kenyan medics told reporters in Nairobi that genetically modified products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they comply with international health standards.

“Genetic engineering in diverse fields like medicine and food production has been in existence for ages but there are no confirmed cases of toxicity on human body,” said Kenya Medical Association chairman Elly Opot.

Lobby groups have piled pressure on the Kenyan government to lift the GMO ban citing its potential to address food insecurity in the face of rapid population growth and climatic shocks.

Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto last week said the government will lift the GMO ban in two months to enable the country to become food secure.

Ruto said regulatory authorities were reviewing the safety standards of genetically engineered crops in the confined field trials to ensure they pose minimal risk to the environment and human health.

Earlier on, a group of scientists had petitioned the government to lift the GMO ban saying it not only stifled scientific innovation but was a threat to food security and job creation.

The medics said Kenya has cutting edge facilities to test genetically engineered products before they are released to the market. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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