In Kenya, the government encourages initiatives that are tailored to promote environmental sanity and safety through activities such as putting into use processed and unprocessed waste.

newspapersSuch is the recycling of the old newspapers to make eco-friendly pencils.

Kenyan Ivan Isa is involved in making the eco-friendly pencils under the identity Greenpencils Limited and World Agroforestry Centre, a key stakeholder in protection of forests and biodiversity.

Isa, co-founder of the Greenpencils, said the green pencil is a simple but common basic writing tool that reminds users of the necessity of the protecting the environment.

“At a time when we are talking about climate change, doing what reverses the contributing factors is most welcome,” said Isa during an interview on Friday while attending Nairobi Innovation Week that runs from Aug. 1 to 5 in Kenyan capital.

They buy one kilogram of the newspapers for 0.2 U.S. dollars. Five newspapers are able to produce one pencil which goes for 0.3 dollars. And they are able to process 20 tonnes of newspapers in a month.

Isa said every person has a right to play in addressing climatic changes since it is a global issue whose effects are felt in both developing and developed countries.

“We cannot ignore the fact that climatic change affects every aspect of our lives and we must do something about it. And it begins from the individual level,” he said.

Isa said they work with the women, youth and persons with disabilities to collect the newspapers.

“We are able to educate them on why we need to recycle the newspapers and they are able to share the information as they go about their work of collecting the newspapers,” he said.

Given the innovation, Isa said perception is a major problem in the field as Kenyans seem to be more inclined to imported goods.

“The major challenge is the view by Kenyans that local products are inferior to the imported no matter of how good quality they are,” he said.

Already, the Kenyan government runs a campaign “Buy Kenya, Build Kenya” meant to encourage consumption of locally manufactured products and stimulate growth of enterprises. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/News Ghana


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