Executives said the foundation will finance 10 large scale water projects in 10 counties where the commodity is scarce.


“We are not only critically conscious of the important role that provision of clean drinking water plays for sustainable development, but are aware that population expansion has stressed existing water sources,” said EABL Group Corporate Relations Director, Julie Adell-Owino.

The new initiative is part of EABL “Water of Life” program that involved implementation of 50 water projects in east African towns and villages experiencing scarcity. It is envisaged the new project, once completed, will provide 193 million cubic meters of water to communities in the ten counties.

“Hopefully, this project will free up time for women to be involved in other socio-economic activities and provide adequate time for their children to study, therefore boosting their chances to succeed in life,” said Adell-Owino.

In the last decade, EABL Foundation has financed water projects that have benefitted 5 million people in the east African region.

According to kenya’s ministry of water and irrigation, more than half of Kenya’s population does not have regular access to piped water, and for those that do the water is often dangerously unsanitary thanks to poorly constructed systems suffering from malfunctions and vandalism. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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