Kenyan Coat of arms
Coat of arms

Kenya should enact policies that promote decent wages for the working masses to reduce inequality and foster cohesion, campaigners said on Friday ahead of World Economic Forum slated for next week in Davos, Switzerland.

The campaigners drawn from social justice movements said in Nairobi that a fair taxation regime combined with fidelity to labor and environmental rights is key to contain a rising income gap that bodes ill for Kenya’s long-term prosperity.


“Both the government and private corporations should prioritize the interest of people at the bottom end of the economic pie through policy and legislative tools that promote fair wages and better working conditions,” said Antonia Musunga, the Kenyan coordinator of Fight Inequality Alliance.

She said that taming national debts through fiscal discipline coupled with good governance and social safety nets for the vulnerable demographics is key to boost the war against inequality in Kenya.

“Our economic model should be restructured to ensure growth is inclusive and benefits the workers and innovators,” said Musinga, adding that gender rights and climate justice are key to achieve fairer, just and prosperous societies.

Kenya is expected to send a high-level delegation of government and industry leaders to this year’s World Economic Forum to be held from Jan. 21 to 24 in the Swiss ski resort of Davos.

The campaigners said the five-day forum should pay attention to the worsening income gap in developing economies like Kenya through better regulation of markets, reform of labor laws and investments in social welfare for the poor.

Kenyan campaigners have organized a series of events to advocate for robust action on inequality ahead of next week’s World Economic Forum.

Fridah Bwari, communication and capacity building officer at Tax Justice Network, said that policymakers and advocates will attend forums to discuss innovative strategies to reduce inequality amid threats to peace, cohesion and stability. Enditem.


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