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Nigeria Embarks On Industrial Revolution Plan

Benson Ochieng, a Kenyan environmental lawyer, said absence of the policy in the country is a hindrance to implementing strategies promoting a balance between protection of environment, development and equity in a growing economy.

“Kenya does have laws on environment but does not have a comprehensive environment policy which means as a country we are yet to put our thoughts in an integrated way of achieving sustainable development,” Ochieng told a local television station.

He said Kenya’s quest to achieve Vision 2030 targets was impressive but unlikely to bring forth inclusive benefits if the impacts of the activities on the ecosystem were overlooked.

He said the Sustainable Development Goals, of which Kenya is a signatory, recognizes inclusivity and interrelation in execution of activities under each target.

“Kenya should strive to balance environment, development and equity in an integrated manner,” he said.

“For instance, Social Development Goals (SDG) 12 talks about sustainable production and consumption. It relates directly to the issues of climate change. Climate change is a consequence of the human activities and the environment,” said Ochieng.

He said private sector holds a major stake in improving production and promoting effective practices of sustainability while the people as consumers determine process of consumption.

According to Ochieng, there has to be change of attitudes around consumption to ensure a consistent flow of necessities within a well preserved environment. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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