Kenyan government in conjunction with the private sectors on Wednesday launched a national policy to revitalize growth of music industry through investments, training and copyright protection.

Cabinet Secretary for Sports, Arts and Culture, Hassan Wario said the new policy will guide the development of local music industry that has suffered from piracy, under-investments and inadequate skills.

“Development of a music policy is a milestone to enhance growth of a sector whose contribution to national economy is profound. The music industry is recognized in the social and economic pillars of vision 2030,” Wario said in Nairobi.

Lack of coherent policy and legislative frameworks has undermined growth of the entertainment industry in Kenya. Wario reaffirmed the government’s commitment to spur growth of music industry through financial incentives for upcoming artists.

“We have created a fund to support budding talents in performing arts. A strong legislation is in place to ensure royalties for local artists are protected from infringement,” he said.

The national music policy was developed through a consultative process by key stakeholders including state officials, entertainment lobby groups and the private sector. Wario said Kenya has ratified international conventions to protect artistic and cultural heritage.

“The music policy will not only safeguard our cultural and artistic freedom, but also generate youth employment and promote national cohesion,” Wario said.

Kenya has one of the most robust music industries in Sub-Saharan Africa thanks to abundant talent and strong linkage with international markets.

Wario said the government will protect local artists from unfair competition and exploitation by unscrupulous agents.

“The new music policy will address funding hiccups, enhance dispute resolution to ensure artists benefit fully from their royalties,” Wario said, adding that the government will promote music tourism through organizing festivals in different counties. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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