women business
women business

Kenya plans to partner with the private sector in order to promote women empowerment, a senior government official said on Sunday.

Margaret Kobia, cabinet secretary in the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs, told a media briefing in Nairobi that the government has put in place legal and policy frameworks to ensure women’s wider involvement in decision-making in both public and private sectors.

“The government cannot on its own achieve full gender parity on all spheres. This is why collaboration with like-minded individuals and institutions is critical,” Kobia said during the launch of Echo Network Africa.

It is the government’s conviction that Kenya cannot attain full development if half of the population is left behind or is not fully and gainfully engaged, she said.

Kobia noted that over the years, the state, non-state actors and the private sector have implemented many programs on gender equality and women empowerment.

“The result has been the continued growth of women’s contribution to all sectors of the economy and the gross domestic product,” she added.

However, Kobia noted, statistics show that women are marginalized in all spheres of development and access to resources such as land, health, education and information.

“This is why at the national level, the government has prioritized women empowerment and gender equality as a development issue and instituted deliberate and decisive measures to improve the status of women,” she said. Enditem


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