The Kenyan government said Wednesday it will tackle the new avenues, including recruitment of extremists, to curb terrorism in the country. Kenya
Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaiserry said the East African nation has faced a series of threats by violent extremists, both locally and globally, which he said is a threat to international peace and security.
“I wish to express concern over the increasing levels of recruitment, radicalization and execution of attacks which rob the country its people and instill permanent injuries on survivors,” Nkaiserry told a media briefing ahead of the international conference on countering violent extremism in Nairobi Friday.
He said the Nairobi meeting will bring together security ministers, intelligence and counter terrorism experts from Africa and across the world to discuss strategies for countering violent extremism, which has become an international security problem.
Nkaiserry said delegates from 22 countries in Africa and 16 from other parts of the world will attend the three-day conference. “The delegates, who include experts in the field of combating terrorism and extremism ,will explore avenues that can be employed to address radicalization and other vices associated with terrorism,”he said.
Kenya’s coastal region has emerged as a hotspot for Al-Shabaab recruitment agents for its war inside Somalia because of the presence of radicalized youth. Nkaiserry expressed concern that tackling violent extremism is extremely relevant to Kenya in the wake of continuing and increasing terrorism threats and attacks.
Muslim extremist terrorist group Al-Shabaab was responsible for the recent attack in Garissa University College in the country’s northeast region, in which 148 people were killed. It has also been a cell of the Al-Qaida terror network since 2012.
Nkaiserry said the security experts attending the conference will explore new approaches that can be employed by Kenya and other countries affected by terrorism.
“The discussions will also explore signs that locals can observe to help in identification of people working with terror groups, thus creating awareness through a comprehensive approach. which will be important in the fight against extremism and other tenets associated with terrorism,” he added. Enditem


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