Ben Chumo, Managing Director of Kenya Power, the country’s sole power distributor, told journalists in Nairobi that his firm had received funding from donors to expand electricity coverage.

power“African Development Bank (AfDB) has agreed to provide 135 million U.S. dollars for phase one of the Last Mile Connectivity project that will be used to connect 314,000 households to the national grid,” Chumo said during Kenya Power’s Annual General Meeting.

Chumo said contractors for the project had been procured.

“They will begin work in the next two months and work is expected to be completed in 18 months,” he said.
The East African nation has already connected 4.2 million households to the national grid.

The World Bank and the AfDB have each committed an additional 150 million U.S. dollars towards expansion of Kenya’s national electricity grid.

Kenya Power also plans to continue to expand and extend its network to destinations where electricity is not available.

Chumo noted that there were 252 projects in the pipeline worth 1.2 billion dollars that are aimed at strengthening the network.

“The aim is to make the network more robust and flexible,” he said.

Power outages sometimes arise whenever the firm is carrying out maintenance, according to him.

“This is because the electricity transmission network is rigid and so it is not possible to switch off some lines and supply the same customers using other lines,” he said.

Kenya Power also plans to reduce the amount of electricity lost during transmission from the current 17.5 percent to nine percent. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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