Fred Matiang’i, Cabinet Secretary for information and communication technology (ICT), said the government has prioritized expansion of broadband infrastructure in the counties to ensure rural people have access to high speed and cheaper internet.

broadband“We have encouraged counties to develop policies that would enable them double their broadband footprint. High speed internet connections will spur creation of innovation hubs in the counties,”Matiang’i said in Nairobi during a national broadband forum organized by Kenya ICT Authority and Chinese telecoms giant, Huawei.

Matiang’i noted that Kenya has one of the highest broadband penetrations in Sub-Saharan Africa thanks to a friendly policy and regulatory environment alongside political goodwill to accelerate digital transformation.

He said Kenya has developed a national broadband strategy that roots for policy reforms, investments in supportive infrastructure and personnel to expand access to high speed internet connection in the country.

“The president has reiterated his commitment to expand the broadband footprint in the country to accelerate achievement of sustainable development goals,”Matiang’i told policymakers and industry executives

Kenyan counties have rolled out incentives to encourage private sector investment in fiber optic cables in order to promote access to high speed internet connection.

“Broadband penetration will enable counties fight poverty, collect more revenue and improve governance. In addition, high speed connectivity will attract investments in the counties,” said Matiang’i, noting that the government will finalize installation of broadband infrastructure in the 47 counties by 2017.

Victor Kyalo, CEO of Kenya ICT Authority, said a conversation between state agencies and investors has been ongoing to help speed up installation of broadband infrastructure in the counties.

“So far, 35 out of 47 counties have installed the fiber backbone and will soon build the last mile to connect homes and business. By January next year, we will ensure every county has fiber optic infrastructure,” Kyalo told reporters. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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