Kenya on Tuesday announced a 20 percent reduction on consultation fees charged by doctors and dentists in a bid to expand access to quality healthcare for citizens.

Sicily Kariuki, cabinet secretary for health, said the reduction of fees charged by medical practitioners will help the government fulfill its Universal Health Coverage agenda.

“This move will leave Kenyan populations appropriately cushioned against the high cost of healthcare,” Kariuki said in a statement issued in Nairobi.

She said all medical practitioners will be obligated to abide by the reduced fees as stipulated in the guidelines that were gazetted by the government in 2016.

She said the decision to reduce doctors’ consultation fees followed a recommendation by the parliamentary departmental committee on health.

“This decision has been arrived at after comprehensive consultations with all the concerned stakeholders,” said Kariuki.

She announced that a further institutional reform will be initiated including business process reengineering at National Hospital Insurance Fund to respond to the issues of access as well as affordability of health services for all citizens.

Kariuki said the government is keen to ensure that medical doctors are retained in the country as they continue to provide health care service to all Kenyans.

“We take note of the extremely expensive cost of training doctors for the country and especially in the development of specialists,” said Kariuki.

She said that the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board will be in a position to arbitrate any disputes on fees as shall arise between a practitioner and an institution or between a practitioner and a patient.

“Where a practitioner fails to comply with these rules that practitioner commits an act of professional misconduct,” said Kariuki.

Following the announcement, medical doctors will now be charging a minimum of 16 dollars and maximum of 40 dollars for consultation, compared with previous 18 dollars and 50 dollars respectively.

Specialist’s consultants will henceforth be charging a minimum of 28.8 dollars and a maximum of 60 dollars for consultations, compared with 36 dollars and 75 dollars respectively. Enditem



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