The country has witnessed sharp growth in higher education in both public and private sectors, with the number of institutions rising from 58 to over 70 in the last four years.


The increase has provided better access to higher education for students. Data from education ministry show that the number of students enrolled by universities doubled that of 2012.

The rapid growth, has therefore, brought massive challenges as the universities struggle to cope with increased number of students with low funding, lack of lecturers and facilities.

“We have to make hard decisions which include merging some of these universities. We have to take the decision for the sake of our children because some of them are learning under difficult circumstances yet they pay huge fees,” Fred Matiangi, the newly appointed Education Cabinet Secretary said in Nairobi.

Matiangi noted the upgrading of colleges into universities has led to surplus number of campus in some cities and towns.

“I wonder how one town can have 28 satellite campuses. This is a big concern and we are going to make hard decisions. A time has come for us to act because there is no learning going on in some of these institutions,” Matiangi said, adding that the exercise will start in the next three months.

There has also been a big concern raised by employers in public and private sectors over the quality of graduates.

A recent report published by the Washington-based Results for Development Institute (R4D) says graduates from Kenyan universities are less competitive in the job market due to gaps between their training and employers’ requirement.

Students also revealed that the institutions face numerous challenges.

“Some of these institutions should be closed. I had enrolled in one of the satellite campuses of a well-known university but we were not learning,” Fred Otieno, a university student told Xinhua on Friday, complaining that lecturers miss classes and some of the courses could not be conducted due to lack of qualified tutors. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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