Gichugu MP Martha Karua

During a special session to discuss the recent grenade attacks at Nairobi’s Machakos bus terminus in which seven people died and scores others were injured, MPs noted authorities had failed to apprehend culprits involved in past incidents.

They said the National Security Intelligence Agency should be effective to uncover criminal plots and warned police failure to conduct comprehensive investigations could encourage criminals to execute attacks knowing Al Shabaab would take responsibility.

Gichugu MP Martha Karua recounted grenade attacks on a crowd attending a ‘No’ rally at Uhuru Park during 2010 referendum campaigns, the bombing of a Kampala bound bus in Nairobi and clashes in Moyale and Turkana.

“Every time the incidents occur, police promise they would leave no stone unturned. In the end, they have left all the stones unturned,” Karua said, debating the Motion moved by Kamukunji MP Yusuf Hassan, in whose constituency the recent attack happened.

Karua said failure by security organs to investigate previous cases of lawlessness has abetted crimes. “Are police too quick to give Al Shabaab as an excuse so that no thorough investigations are done? Are we encouraging criminals to commit acts of murder because they will be blamed on Al Shabaab?”

Lari MP David Njuguna asked: “What is happening to the National Security Intelligence Agency? Why aren’t they detecting the crimes before they are executed?”

Karua commended Kenya Defence Forces for the ongoing operation in Somalia and urged the police force to emulate them by providing internal security. Nominated MP Mohammed Affey said if the Government cannot guarantee security in the capital city, the rest of the country should be worried.

Nominated MP Rachael Shebesh described the murder of Kenyans as painful, terming the recurrence of the attacks as a testimony that the security measures authorities had promised in the past have not been effective. Mathira MP Ephraim Maina urged the Government to secure the borders as the military operation against Al Shabaab is ongoing.

–– Stories by Peter Opiyo, Alex Ndegwa and Steve Mkawale – The Standard


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