With acts of terrorism in Kenya targeting Mombasa and Nairobi, the East African nation’s main economic hubs, Kisumu, a city in western region, has emerged to be the biggest winner for holidaymakers this Easter season. Kenyan
The town, which has slowly been turning into a hospitality hub with both government and non-governmental institutions holding meetings, has witnessed a rise in visitors this Easter.
The streets of Kisumu were on Friday flocked by holidaymakers from various parts of Kenya as hotels recorded booming business mainly from local tourists, as some visited the beaches on the shores of Lake Victoria to enjoy boat rides, among other merriments.
Besides the beaches, Kisumu hosts a national museum and there are several game parks located few kilometers from the city that holidaymakers can visit.
“I came to Kisumu because I feel safe and it is closer to my home in Siaya,” Sylvanus Okoth, who was accompanied by his wife and two children, said on Friday.
The family that lives in Nairobi was walking the streets of the town window-shopping before they visited the museum.
This writer also spotted at least two tour vans loaded with international tourists in the city.
Israel Agina, the chairman of Kisumu Business Coalition and Executive member for Commerce in the county government said that Kisumu is currently being considered secure as compared to Nairobi and Mombasa.
“This town has never suffered a terror attack, the reason why it is attracting conferences from both local and international investors, particularly those from neighboring counties. Business is upbeat for various businesses this Easter season.”
According to Agina, the modernization of Kisumu International Airport has opened up many opportunities in the region not only in terms of trade but for tourism.
“Kisumu is now a hub of connectivity to the East African region. For instance, passengers from Uganda can now easily connect through Kisumu International Airport to other neighboring countries,” Agina said.
On Tuesday last week, as the UK government issued travel advisory on areas in Kenya where its citizens should not travel to, Kisumu was not listed among the hotpots.
According to the travel advisory, terrorist attacks have occurred in the past in Nairobi, including Eastleigh; along the Coast region, including in Mombasa; and in the country’s northeast region. Further attacks remain a possibility hence the need for its citizens to exercise a high degree of caution.
The city will host 6,000 participants during the second Annual Devolution Conference organised by the Council of Governors and Ministry of Devolution and Planning from April 20 to 24 at Tom Mboya Labour College.
It is expected to boost business, especially for hotels and the transport sector. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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