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Invest In Vocational Skills Training

Kenya and Germany on Tuesday partnered to launch a skills expert project for technical and vocational education training (TVET) students in the hospitality sector.

Michael Derus, deputy ambassador of Germany to Kenya, said the program is based on the German vocational training system which focuses on skills to improve productivity and competitiveness to fuel innovation.


“Employability should be the goal of such programs because those who go through the process will require own resources,” Derus said during the launch.

Kevit Desai, principal secretary for vocational training, said the project is important to the hospitality industry which consists of 11 percent of the total workforce in Kenya and contributed over 8.8 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP).

Maren Diale-Schellschmidt, country director of the delegation of German industry and commerce in Kenya (AHK Kenya), said the organization fully supports the introduction of TVET courses inspired by the German dual system, in close cooperation with companies, in the east African nation.

“We see the system as an ideal platform for training in TVET whereby 70 percent of the training takes place in the company and 30 percent in school. In contrast to purely school-based training, dual training offers the opportunity to directly put into practice what has been learnt in class and be part of the team in the company,” she said. Enditem


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