Kenya has dewormed over 6 million children in the past five years, a government official said on Tuesday.

Belio Kipsang, Principal Secretary for Early Learning and Basic Education, said that the school going children that were dewormed represented 85 percent of all school age children living in endemic areas.

“About 7.8 million school-age children are at risk of infection with intestinal parasitic worms, including common worms and bilharzia,” he said during the launch of national school based deworming program results in Nairobi.

Kipsang attributed poor attendance and concentration in school and increased school dropout rates, hence eroding the aspired education outcomes.

The ministry of education in collaboration with ministry of health and development partners has been undertaking mass administration of common worms and bilharzia control drugs to children between two and 14 years.

The government initiated National School Based Deworming Program in 2009 and since then the program has remained a core development intervention to support the country’s achievements in the education sector. Enditem


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