A Kenyan court on Monday allowed the police to continue detaining four terror suspects who were arrested over the weekend in the town of Lamu in the coast region. jail
The four were arrested while allegedly heading to coastal city of Mombasa to carry out terror attacks on unspecified locations.
Lamu Magistrate David Ireri directed the four to be detained at Lamu police station until Tuesday when court will decide their request for bond. The suspects were faced charges of being Al- Shabaab sympathizers.
“We suspect the four are behind the recruitment of youth to join the Al-Shabaab group in Somalia. Our officers were acted on intelligence information and arrested them,” said state Prosecutor Kennedy Chikola.
Chikola said the police had confiscated material that linked the four to acts of terrorism and alliances with Al-Shabaab, and appealed the court to deny them bond pending investigation. The four denied the charges.
However, Defense Counsel A.B. Olaba opposed the application, arguing that there is no compelling reasons for his clients to be detained in police custody for seven days.
“The suspects are ready to abide by any conditions attached to their bond term. They (police) have every right to continue with their investigations while the suspects are out on bond,” Olaba told the magistrate.
Police obtained crucial that directly linked the four to planned terrorism plot in the coastal region. Anti-terror police are also investigating if the four were behind the killing of at least 100 people in Mpeketoni in June and July 2014.
Security agencies in the coastal region are on higher alert following intelligence reports of impending terrorism attacks by suspected Al-Shabaab returnees. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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